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I plan to write a blog on my training for the 2014 Dallas marathon.  The purpose is to document my training in an orderly manner and not make excuses for not meeting goals that I have set for myself.

My ultimate goal is to use the Dallas marathon as a qualifier, to run the 2015 Comrades Up run marathon in South Africa (from Durban to Pietermaritzburg), and focus that finishing the Comrades Up run in less than 11hrs (Down Run took 11hrs and 13 mins).

Having completed the 2014 Down Run, the lessons I learned were that I tend to do well running with a well put together training plan, where running consistently week to week, is the key to doing well in your goal race.

After reading up on several training plans, I have picked the Hanson method (Brooks Hanson) plan, which is 16 weeks in length.  The goal I have set for myself is a 3hr 40 min finish.

The last time I attempted to race a marathon was in the 2012 Eugene Marathon.  I finished in 4:19.  At that time I weighed around 188lb.  Today I weigh around 150lb and have been able to run more efficiently during my weekly runs around an 8:40 – 9:09 min per mile pace (not speed workouts).

While I might be setting lofty expectations, my belief is that if you want to succeed, you have to make a commitment in order to meet your goal.

Training Plan

In order to get ready for my goal, I needed to put together a plan first.  I purchased the book on the Brooks Hanson training plan, and put together the following schedule based on the Advanced Training plan.  This was based on being able to hit a 22min 40s goal on a 5K.  I have written this training plan to accomodate my schedule (work, family life, etc), which permits me to complete all my runs only during the morning.

My training plan is below.

DallasMArathon2014_TrainingPlan_Brooks_Hanson (1)

Commitments I am making

1) I will train honestly for my race.  If I miss a run owing to a very good excuse (fall sick, family, travel, etc), I am not going to admonish myself.  I will pick up accordingly and adjust.

2) I will document my runs on a weekly basis, and make an honest assessment of my progress during the training i.e.: did I my meet my weekly goals, is my training consistent with meeting my race goals?

3) I will commit to avoid eating junk food and keep my alcoholic beverages to 1 drink per week during training.  Also I will avoid eating cakes and sweets during my training phase.  What I choose to do after the race is something else.  But I plan to stay disciplined during my training.

4) I will keep my training fun.  On the days that I do not have speed workouts, I will do my best to run with my dog, and without a watch (this is going to be hard).

With that being said, here is the summary of my first week of training

Week 1 – starting 08/14/2014

Thursday 08/14/2014: Schedule had 6 miles at a relaxed pace.  I was not feeling well today, and did not realize how bad I felt until the 4th mile, when I had to take a long break.  The remaining two miles were a run/walk finish with more walking involved.  Finished at a 9:20min/mile pace. Worked from home today, because I was too weak to go to work.  Had a high fever after my run.

Friday 08/15/2014: 6 miles on the schedule.  Did not run. Decided to rest and recover instead

Saturday 08/16/2014: 6 miles on  the schedule.  Did not run. Decided on another day of rest again.  I am feeling a little better today but not at 100%.

Sunday 08/17/2014: 8 miles on the schedule.  Will update next week, on whether I completed this run

Assessment after Week 1

It is too early to say if my training is affected.  I will start afresh on Monday with a track workout.  Taking some rest this week may have been a good thing