The second week of training has now made it real.  Before diving into the details of how my training went this week, I need to include the details of my Sunday run (8 miles) on 08/17/2014

Week 1 conclusion: 08/17/2014 (Sunday) – 8 miles for breakfast!

Woke up to some serious lightning and thunderstorms.  Decided to enjoy a big cup of coffee until the weather improved.  Went out around 8am with my trusty sidekick Dunbar.

Ran literally uphill on Ridgeview Dr, through Allen and Plano.  Right around mile 4, the storms hit pretty hard.  Dunbar and I hightailed it home, with both of us getting a first class soaking.  Ended up with an 8:45 min/mile average pace.

Week 2 08/18/2014 (Monday) – 6 miles – regular run

It was quite warm this morning.  Ran at 5:30AM for 6 miles.  Ended up with a 9:02 avg pace.  Decided to start running my regular runs (non-track, non-tempo) runs without a watch after this.  With the high heat index, I needed to not push myself beyond my limits.

08/19/2014 (Tuesday) – 9.23 miles – track workout – 12 X 400, 400 recovery

Per my training plan, I needed to run 400m in 1min 50s, followed by a 400 recovery.  The plan was to do a 1.5 mile warmup, followed by track work, and a 1.5 mile cooldown

I wasted 30 minutes this morning trying to find the Allen high school track.  Ever since the football stadium was constructed, I have lost my bearings in that part of town.  I parked my car somewhere, and ran 1.85 miles to the high school track.

Here are the details of my track workout, with a goal to hit 1:50 on the 400 repeats

1.85 mile warmup

1st 400: 1:52, 2:38 (R)

2nd 400: 1:58, 2:35 (R)

3rd 400: 1:58, 2:46 (R)

4th 400: 1:52, 2:42 (R)

5th 400: 1:52, 2:42 (R)

6th 400: 1:51, 2:49 (R)

7th 400: 1:53, 2:46 (R)

8th 400: 1:47, 2:48 (R)

9th 400: 1:55, 2:51 (R)

10th 400: 1:52, 2:55 (R)

11th 400: 1:51, 2:57 (R)

12th 400: 1:46, 0.73 mi (cooldown)

Half of my track workout was in the dark, so I may have been a little off.  Overall happy with this workout, as this was my first track workout in almost 4 years.  Need to do more of these workouts.  Loved challenging myself.

08/20/2014 (Wednesday) – Day of Rest.  Needed it!

08/21/2014 (Thursday) – 6 miles – regular run

Ran without my watch with Dunbar.  It was a relaxing run but quite warm and humid.

08/22/2014 (Friday) – 6.2 miles – regular run

Dunbar and I went out again at 5AM.  Ran up the Ridgeview Drive hill and ran back down.  You know it is quite warm, when your dog is not pulling the leash on the way home.  Glad we got the run done before the sun came up.

08/23/2014 (Saturday) 7.5 miles – run with friends at White Rock Lake

Ran with Angela and Nicole at the White Rock Lake early in the morning.  Quite warm and humid, but I was happy to be able to run and talk with friends.  Overall a relaxing run.

08/24/2014 (Sunday) 8.1 miles – The Brick Oven run

Got up late in the morning, which was a big mistake.  It was hot like a brick oven.  Ran the mile usual 6.6 mile loop with Dunbar, and then dropped him home.  Glad I did not wear my watch, since I could just focus on getting in the miles.  Before going out on my 2nd 1.5 mile loop, I drank a bottle of cold water.  It felt like a complete boost of energy.  Ran the 1.5 mile loop solo and ran it strong.

Total miles for the week: 43.03 miles, Plan called for 41 miles.  Total number of runs – 6

My overall thoughts: The Brooks Hanson plan requires you to have some discipline on these runs.  Running 6 days a week requires some commitment, but I feel good at the end of the week.  This plan teaches you to run on tired legs.

Next week I have to track workout on Tuesday (6 X 800, 400 recovery), and later on in the week, I have a tempo run.  I can’t week to start next week’s training.  I am still focused on my original goal of a 3:40 finish.  Hopefully the weather gets cooler soon, as running in the heat has been tough.