This was definitely a hard week for training.  The humidity reached epic proportions, or felt like it did.  I have successfully completed 2 weeks of running 6 days a week, with Wednesday being my rest day.  I no longer think of Wednesday as hump day, instead it feels like a holiday 🙂

The summary of my training this week is as follows:

Monday 08/25/14 – 6 miles

Ran 6 miles solo before sunrise.  Did not wear my watch.  Definitely warm early in the morning.  I ran this run pretty slow.  In a way, it was a relief not to run fast.

Tuesday 08/26/14 – Track (8 X 600’s with 400 recovery) – 7 miles (1.5 mil warmup + 600s + cooldown)

Woke up at 3:30AM to go to the Allen High School track.  What a warm and humid morning!  Had a 7:30AM meeting at work, so I had knock out my workout early in the morning.  Was surprised to already see 2 people at the track.  Was difficult to estimate the 600’s (estimated as one 400 + one 200m).  The goal was to finish each 600 in 2:44.  Below were my splits








Was happy with the splits, and made it on time to work!

Wednesday 08/27/14 – Thank heavens! A rest day finally.

Thursday 08/28/14 – 6 mile tempo run (1.5 mi warmup + 6 mile tempo +1.5 cooldown) – goal was to hit a 8:23 pace on the 6 miles

What a great day for a run!  The weather was fantastic!  My splits were as follows

1.57 mile warmup @ 10:26 pace – solo

6 miles temp @ 8:20 pace – nailed it! – ran with Dunbar

1.43 mile cooldown @ 11:16 pace – cooldown with Dunbar.

Very happy with this workout!

Friday 08/29/14 – 7 miler

I was tired after yesterday’s tempo run.  Ran with Dunbar.  No watch on this run

Saturday 08/30/14 – 6.2 miles

Ran up Ridgeview Dr. with Dunbar.  This was a great run.  We ran fast.  Again I wore no watch and ran by feel

Sunday 08/31/14 – 10 miles @9:24 avg pace

Ran a 5:45AM with Dunbar.  It was way too humid and muggy.  Ran with Dunbar the first 8 miles and had to drop him home.  I drank some Tailwind, and then took off alone for the last two miles.  I was happy to be done and cannot wait for the nice cool weather to come back.  Happy to be done before 7:30AM

Total mileage for the week: 45.2 miles

Takeaways from Week 3:

The Brooks Hanson Training plan is not an easy plan.  Running back to back runs and running 6 days a week is hard.  This week I did a track workout and also a tempo run.  It was quite challenging.  Also the heat and humidity did not help matters.

I am hoping running becomes easier as the weather cools down.  Overall I am still satisfied that I made it through this week.

Looking forward to starting week 4 tomorrow!