This was an interesting week for training.  The week started very warm and humid, and ended with nice temperatures for a change.  I have discovered that the Brooks Hanson training plan is not exactly a piece of cake.  Running 6 days a week, with one day of an intensive track workout, and an another day of a tempo run, makes it a tough week of training.  I have also discovered how difficult it is to run track in the dark at 5AM, and especially if the workout asks you to run repeats which are not multiples of 400m.

Below is how my weekly training progressed.

Monday 09/08/2014 – 6 miles @9:05 pace

Ran 6 miles this morning with Dunbar.  We managed to hit every sprinkler on the road and side streets.  Couldn’t tell if I was wet from sweating or the sprinklers.  Either way the sprinklers provided a major relief from the humidity.  My pace for the previous Monday’s run was @9:01 min/mile.  Looks like I am following a similar pace

Tuesday 09/09/2014 –  7.47 miles – Track 5 X 1000m repeats with 400m recovery

Up again at 3:30AM to go for my track workout at Allen High School.  I was surprised to see other runners there already.  It was miserably hot and humid.  Also I had a tough time discerning where the 200m distance was (1000m = 2X400 + 200m).  I was supposed to hit the 1000m in 4:30

Started with a 1.5 mile warm up.

Below are my 1000m splits

Lap 1: 4:57 – Definitely know I ran more than 1000m.  There is no way I can estimate 200m distance in the dark

Lap 2: 4:56 – same excuse as above

Lap 3: 4:35 – switched to the innermost lane after couple of runners on the track realized I needed the lane to properly estimate 1000m.  1000m repeats are tough

Lap 4: 4:38 – Boy I am hating these 1000m repeats

Lap 5: 4:43 – My butt was officially kicked with these 1000m repeats.  No thanks to the heat and humidity.

Finished off with a cool down.  This was a tough workout.

Wednesday 09/10/2014 – Rest day – Yes!

So happy to rest today!  Did some yoga to stretch my muscles

Thursday 09/11/2014 – Tempo Run – Target 1.5 mile Warm up, 6 miles @8:23 pace, 1.5 mile cool down

Incredibly warm and humid.  Was wondering how I would fare.  I surprised myself

1.5 mile warmup @ 11:27 pace

6 miles @ 8:21 pace – nailed it despite the heat and humidity.  Last week was at 8:09 pace

1.5 mile cooldown @ 13:08 pace.  Had to mix walking and running during the cooldown.  I was beat and so was Dunbar

Friday 7 miler – no watch

Ran without my watch.  Fell down on concrete in the first mile and nicely scraped my knee.  Got up and finished the run with Dunbar.  Was bleeding pretty good, but survived with some pain for the rest of the day

Satuday 6 miles @ 9:11 pace

Ran last week at 9:24 pace.  This week was cooler and much more pleasant

Sunday 12 miles (long run) @ 9:13 (1hr 51 mins)

A great morning for a run.  Ran 6 miles to Market with Dunbar.  My family picked up Dunbar and I ran 6 miles back.  Last Sunday’s run for a 8 miler was at a 9:14 pace.  I was surprised that I ran at the same pace.  Looks like I am dialing in a long run pace.

Total miles for the week : 47

This week’s thoughts

1) Looks like my long runs are dialing around a 9:15 pace

2) I am able to stick to around 8:23 for my goal tempo pace

3) Track workouts are hard!  But I am enjoying the challenge

4) I am starting to think that the Brooks Hanson marathon training plan is the toughest I have ever done.  I am accumulating a lot of miles during the week.  Also I am learning how to run on tired legs.  I am starting to learn the value of running the long runs at an appropriate pace (slower than tempo).  I usually have my doubts on whether I can hit my target tempo pace of 8:23 min/mile, but in the last 3 weeks I have been able to do so.  Maybe there is a method to the madness.  The biggest challenge will come when I have to run the 10 mile tempo run.

5) I broke my rule of one drink a week.  Had a couple of glasses of wine this week.  It was a tough week at work too.

Looking forward to week 6 training starting tomorrow!