This was another interesting week of training, as in training with no shortage of humidity.  On the bright side, it gave me an another opportunity to train in adverse weather for one more week.  I also retired my second pair of Hoka Stinson Tarmac shoes, after accumulating 607 miles on them.

My training this week was as follows:

Monday 09/15/2014: 6 miles easy run

Yes, Mr. Humidity had to make his presence known.  Ran with Dunbar and tried to run as easy as possible.  Ended up with a 9:16 average pace for the 6 miles.

Tuesday 09/16/2014: 4 X 1200m repeats, 400m recovery

Got up at 3:15AM to go the track.  Was at the Allen HS track by 4:15AM.  I had the the entire track to myself for the first 45 minutes.  Today’s workout was to do four 1200m repeats in 5:27 (1.5 mile warm up and 1.5 mile cooldown).  Below is the results from my workout

1.5 mile warmup

1st 1200m repeat: 5:33, ….not shabby

2nd 1200m repeat: 5:17, ….wowza, what happened here?

3rd 1200m repeat: 5:23, ….starting to calibrate

4th 1200m repea: 5:33, ….got a little tired here.  1200m repeats ain’t easy

1.5 mile cooldown.

I was happy with workout overall and was done by 5:35AM.  This was one hard workout!

Wednesday 09/17/2014 – Rest day

Thank goodness.  My body was just tired!

Thursday 09/18/2014 – Tempo run – 1.5mi warmup, 7 mi temp target 8:23min/mi, 1.5 mile cooldown

First thoughts this morning….man I am too tired for this, but I any ran the warm up 1.5 miles at a 11:15 pace.  It was simply too warm and humid.  I was dreading the tempo run

I came home and picked up Dunbar and we went for the 7 mile tempo run.  No it was not easy, but we just took off without stopping.  We ended at 8:20 pace average.  Although we nailed it, I later on looked at my splits and saw that we started the run too hard and slowed down towards the end.  I was not sure if it was the effort or the brutal weather.  The splits were as follows:

8:16, 8:03, 8:14, 8:07, 8:27, 8:37, 8:40

The last 3 miles involved hills, but perhaps next time I am going to focus and try to run more consistent splits.

I dropped Dunbar at home and took off for the cool down run of 1.5 miles.  I was beat and walked for the last 5 minutes.

Friday 09/19/2014 – 6 mile recovery run

Ran a slow recovery run today at 9:51 min/mi pace.  My body needed a break after yesterday’s tempo run.  Weather was slightly pleasant this morning

Saturday 09/20/2014 – 10 mile run

Ran 10 miles this morning at a 9:09 min/mi pace.  It was quite warm.  Dunbar was a great sport and we finished the run together strong.  Man oh man, it was hot by the time we were done.

Sunday 09/21/2014 – 8 mile run

Dunbar and I took off again when it was toasty.  We ran together for 6 miles.  My family came and picked him up, and I ran the remaining 2 miles by myself.  Another warm day!  Below is a selfie taken during our run 🙂  I was sweating hard and he was gasping hard!  Ended up with a 9:08 average pace.  Happy with this run!

running selfie

Thoughts for this week

This was another hard training week.  I think I am getting mentally stronger with training in the heat and humidity.  So far I have survived 6 weeks of warm and humid weather, and still going strong.  I just checked the weather this morning and see that next week is going to be cooler in the mornings!  I cannot wait to see what next week’s training looks like!  On the menu for Tuesday is the ladder workout on track!

Next week, let’s see how Week 7 pans out!

Total miles for the week: 47