This was an incredible week for training.  We had some cool weather days in Dallas finally, although it started to warm up in the weekend.  I have successfully completed 7 weeks through my 16 week Brooks Hanson advanced training plan.  At the end of next week, I will hit a major milestone of getting through 50% of my training.

Highlights from this week included nailing my track workout on Tuesday and my Tempo run on Thursday.  Also I got my weekly mileage into the mid 50 mile range, after a few months of running mid 40 mile weeks.

The training for this week was as follows:

Monday 09/22/2014 – 6 miles @9:11 pace

This morning was quite humid.  Dunbar and I some just squeezed through this run.  I have discovered that running on Monday’s immediately after a Sunday long run, is not as bad.  The overall theme I have discovered in my training is that Friday is worst day of the week, especially after the Thursday run.  We were done before sunrise.

Tuesday 09/23/2014 – Allen High School Track – ladder workout – 9.24 miles total

Got up at 3AM so that I could get to the track by 4:30AM.  The weather was just fantastic.  I later on found out that it was in the mid 50’s.  The workout on the menu today was a 1.5 mile warmup followed by a ladder workout (with 400m recovery) and a 1.5 mile cooldown.  The track workout was a success!  Below is how it went

1.5 mile warm up
400m: 1:50 (target), 1:47 (actual)
800m: 3:39 (target), 3:32 (actual)
1200m: 5:27 (target), 5:20 (actual)
1600m: 7:20 (target), 7:16 (actual)
1200m: 5:27 (target), 5:24 (actual)
800m: 3:39 (target), 3:29 (actual)
400m: 1:50 (target), 1:45 (actual)
1.5 mile cooldown

Overall I was happy and done by 6AM.

Wednesday 09/24/2014 – a day of rest.

Thank heavens, the Tuesday workout wore me out!

Thursday 09/25/2014 – 1.5 mile warmup, 7 mile tempo, 1.5 mile cooldown

Another morning with great weather!  I started with a warmup run of 1.57 miles at 9:29 pace, and then came home to pick up Dunbar for the 7 mile tempo.  The target for the 7 mile tempo was 8:23 min/mile.  I was amazed at the results of the run (I did not look at the watch during the run)

mile 1: 8:12

mile 2: 7:50

mile 3: 8:04

mile 4: 7:46

mile 5: 7:50

mile 6: 8:01

mile 7: 7:55

I finished off with a 1.57 mile cooldown at 10:07 pace.

I learned from this run that with better weather, I could get more consistent splits.  Last week was hot and humid, and even though I beat my target pace, I slowed down the last 3 miles.

Friday 09/26/2014: 7 mile recovery run

Ran with Dunbar for 7.07 miles.  I was definitely tired after yesterday’s run.  We ended up running a 10:11 min/mile average.  I did not push the pace today.

Saturday 09/27/2014: 8.70 miles

Ran 6.35 miles with Dunbar at an 8:33 min/mile pace, and then came home to run with my son for 2.35 miles.  The two miler was the highlight of the workout.  I was very proud of my son for taking the initiative to push himself throughout the run and finishing strong (he had a soccer game in the afternoon, where he also did great).  I forgot to use bodyglide and chafed pretty good on this run

Sunday 09/28/2014: 14:00 miles at 9:13 min/mile pace

Got up late…arrggh!  Started running at 8:30AM with Dunbar.  It already warmed up.  Ran 6 miles with Dunbar on the Watters Creek trail, till we got to Market Street (mile 6).  My wife picked him up, and gave me two bottles of ice cold Tailwind 🙂  Ran back home with a couple of detours.  I was chafing so bad (apparently even the 2Toms gel does not work), so I ran the last 8 miles shirtless, with the sun baking my skin.

The first few miles were slow, but I gradually increased my pace towards towards and managed a 7:50min/mile pace for the 14th mile.  I was so glad to be done, and walked the remaining 0.25 miles home.

Total miles for the week: 55.15 miles  (ran 1 more mile than the planned 54 miles)

Thought’s for this week

1) The better weather this week definitely resulted in more consistent running from a pace perspective.

2) Another consistent theme from my training is that Friday is the toughest day to run, especially after a Tuesday track workout and Thursday tempo run.

3) The Friday recovery run may be the slowest, however my body recovers in time to do the Saturday and Sunday runs at a faster pace.

4) I am accumulating more miles with training on this plan.  In the last 4 weeks I have run 194 miles.  But I am gradually increasing my mileage, versus making a sudden increase in mileage.  So far it all feels good.

5) If we have great weather during the Dallas marathon, I have a good chance of hitting my goal of a 3:40 hr finish.  I just need to be consistent in my training for the remaining 9 weeks.

I am looking forward to starting Week 8 of training tomorrow!