Week 8 Training is complete!  I have made it through 50% of my 16 week training program.  This was a week of see-saw weather, where the beginning of the week was humid, and starting Friday through the Sunday, we had incredible weather.  Dunbar and I had a great time running together.

The training for this week went as follows:

Monday 09/29/2014 – 6miles @9:29 min/mile pace

Had some difficulty getting up this morning.  Went out to run at 6AM with Dunbar.  The weather was a little pleasant.  Dunbar and I had a relaxing run and ran an 9:29 min/mile pace.  Came home, showered and went to work.  Thank goodness for these morning runs.  The traffic on 75 South is just horrendous, and I need serenity.

Tuesday 09/30/2014 – Allen HS track, 3 X 1600m, 600m recovery – 7.4 miles @9:01 avg

Standard Tuesday track workout.  Was up at 3AM and at the track by 4:20AM.  On the menu was 3X1600m with a target pace of 7:20min/mile.  Although it was almost 10 degrees warmer than last week, it was a great workout overall.  I nailed my splits.   The secret was to not look at my watch.

The splits were as follows

1st 1600m: 7:11min actual, target 7:20min

2nd 1600m: 7:06min actual, target 7:20min – not sure how I sped up

3rd 1600m: 7:20min actual, target 7:20min – right on the dot.

Track workouts always wear me out, but today I felt great

Wednesday 10/01/2014 – Restday, thank heavens, I needed it

Thursday 10/02/2014 – 1.57 mile warmup, 7 mile tempo, 1.56 mile cooldown

Was just not feeling it today.  Where did this blasted humidity come from?  The thought of not running crossed my mind.  However, I had promised myself from day one, to not make excuses for missing my runs, unless under extenuating circumstances.

The 1.57 mile warm up felt like I was eating a uncooked tasteless appetizer.  I came home and got Dunbar and we went for the 7 mile tempo run.  Oh no, it was not pretty.  Definitely a lot of huffing, puffing, and finally having to stop for a couple of minutes in the 6th mile.  We finally made it home.  Average pace was 8:15 min/mile (target was 8:23 min/mile).  Although I was on target, I did not enjoy this tempo run.

The 1.56 mile cooldown was more like a death march.  My energy was gone, but I just dug in and finished the cooldown.

Friday 10/03/2014 – 6 miles at 9:22 min/mile average

The weather was much nicer today.  Dunbar and I ran a different 6 mile route today.  We just had fun.  Glad it was Friday.

Saturday 10/04/2014 – 10 miles at 8:48 min/mile average

46°F in the morning at 8AM?  WTH, this was just awesome.  I overslept, but Dunbar and I knocked out 10 miles.  It was a great day to be alive and free.  We finished 10 miles at an 8:48 min/mile average pace, and walked the last 0.5 miles home.

Sunday 10/05/2014 – 10 miles at 8:45 min/mile average

Ok not 46°F but it was 55°F at 8:30AM.  Dunbar and I went on a different route.  During the first mile, we ran into my friend David Lassiter, who is an incredible athlete.  We ran together for a mile and then Dunbar and I took off down Watters Creek trail.

Dunbar is doing better dealing with other dogs on the trails, though he does get riled up with a couple of dogs on the way.

The first five miles were downhill.  We turned around and ran back home.  Pushed the pace on the way back.  We ended up with an 8:45 min/mile average.

I was really pleased with this run.  Dunbar ran like a champ this whole week.  There is an incredible joy that one feels when they run with their dog.  They are just so happy to be running with you.

Here is my standard Sunday morning selfie with Dunbar

another selfie

Thoughts for the week

– Made it through 50% of the training program.  I feel I have a high probability of completing the 16 week program.  Despite the fluctuations in weather, I am somehow successfully executing my track and tempo workouts

– I need more sleep during the week.  The last couple of weekends I have been getting up at 8AM.  I used to be able to get up at 4AM on Saturdays and Sundays, but these days it is getting harder.

– In the last 30 days, I have run a total of 215.4 miles (average just a little over 7 miles/day).  I am ramping my weekly mileage successfully with no major issues.

Looking forward to week 9 starting tomorrow.