This was an eventful week for training.  Week 10 was a ramp down week for mileage.  My legs were tired after 9 weeks of training 6 days a week, and having to skimp on sleep daily.

In order to balance family and work responsibilities (because I believe that there is a life outside of running), I have discovered that the only time I have for running is early in the morning.  If I am not done by 7 A.M. in the morning, I am not going to get my runs in.  However, I do recognize that I enjoy my running tremendously and am willing to make the sacrifices necessary to get my training completed.

Without further ado, below is how my training went this week

Monday 10/13/2014, 6.02 miles at 9:25 min/mile pace

I had to wait this morning for the rain, thunder, lightning and wind to subside.  Surprisingly my dog did not seem to be worried about the weather.  Just to be safe, we went out, once it stopped raining.  It was nice and cool and we had a relaxing run.

Tuesday 10/14/2014, 7.47 miles, track work at Allen High School, 3 X 1600m with 600m recovery

I was at the Allen High School track at 4:15AM.  I began my customary 1.5 mile warm-up around the track, and saw a shooting star in the sky.  I was quite fascinated with the trail of light it left behind.  Anyway, back to running, I was supposed to target a 7:20 min/mile pace for each 1600 m repeat.  Below were the splits that I managed

7:18, 7:11, 7:15

I met my goals for the morning.

Wednesday 10/15/2014 – Thank God again for a rest day!

Thursday 10/16/2014 – 11 miles (1.58 mile warmup, 8 mile tempo, 1.57 mile cooldown)

It was quite difficult to get up this morning.  After having conference calls that lasted till 10:45 pm the previous night, I got up at at 3:00 A.M.,0 as I had another early morning meeting at work.  I went for 1.58 mile tempo (10:47 min/mile pace) and came home to pick up Dunbar.  We then went for our 8 mile tempo run.  Target was to hit a 8:23 min/mile pace.  I decided not to look at my watch during the entire run.  Our splits were as follows: 8:19, 8:10, 8:10, 8:06. 8:06. 8:05. 8:25 (uphill), 8:05, 8:08.

I was satisfied with the splits.  The lessons learned from this run, were that with colder weather (and not paying constant attention to my watch), I can manage more consistent splits, based on running my feel.

 Friday 10/17/2014 – ran a 6 mile recovery run with Dunbar at 9:29 min/mile pace

Saturday 10/18/2014 – 10 miles at 9:03 min/mile pace, followed by 0.35 mile recovery

Ran with Dunbar today.  This was in essence, a run with tired legs.  I had some difficulty pushing my pace today.  At the 6th mile, I stopped at Russell Creek park to sip some water at the fountain.  There were a ton of soccer games in progress.  Several soccer moms were looking at Dunbar, and of course, he proceeded to embarrass me by peeing on the water fountain.  We quickly left and ran home.

Sunday 10/19/2014 – 10 miles at 9:15 min/mile pace

Ran 10 miles on a different course with Dunbar.  We stopped at the 5th mile to talk to a lady who also had a Great Pyrenees mix (with Anatolian Shepherd).  We chatted for 20 minutes, and then Dunbar and I took off home.  As I was having dead legs again today, I decided to take it easy.

Total miles for the week: 51 miles

Mileage for the last 30 days: 230.7 miles

Next week, I will most likely skip the tempo portion of my Thursday run and keep my legs ready, for the Double Trouble race on Saturday, in Grapevine (5K followed by a 10K race).  I am quite interested in seeing how I perform after the last 10 weeks of training.

In memorial – Henry Zoch III

I would like to also take this time to remember one of Dallas’ finest runners who passed away in a fatal auto accident on Thursday.  Henry Zoch III was one of the greatest runners our running community had ever seen.  He always had a smile on his face.  I had the fortunate experience of getting to see Henry in races around the country, whether be it in Oregon, Dallas or New Mexico (half marathons, marathons and ultras).  He also was a former Marine who served his country in Iraq and Afghanistan, and would have celebrated his 33rd birthday today.

I thought about Henry a lot during my runs this weekend, and remembered the positive attitude he exhibited at all times.  I therefore dedicate this week’s write up to Henry, and will follow his example of being disciplined during the rest of my training.  May you Rest in Peace, Henry!  The running community will miss you!