13 seems to be an unlucky number.  This was a tough week for running, but at the end of the day I got through one more week of training.  I have 4 more weeks of hard training, before taking some easy time prior to the Dallas marathon.  In addition to a hectic week at work, I was nursing a sore knee, and had to take a day off to recuperate.  Below is how my week went

Monday 11/03/2014: 8 miles with Dunbar at 8:52 min/mile

Had an additional hour of sleep today due to daylight savings.  What a difference it made for my run.  Dunbar and I had a great run this morning and average 8:52 min/mile pace.  What was not exciting was everybody still has their sprinklers on in this cold weather.  We dodged several of these sprinklers, only to get rained soaked at the end of the run.  Also my left knee was throbbing after the run.

Tuesday 11/04/2014: skipped run

Got up this morning, feeling discomfort in my left knee.  Decided to not run as I was not prepared to risk all the training I had put in so far.  I am determined to run the Dallas marathon, so skipping one day is not going to kill me.  Had an all day offsite training at work, and ate like a king at a team dinner at the end of the day.

Wednesday 11/05/2014: Day of rest

Wednesday is the day of rest!  My knee still felt out of whack, so I did not mind taking another day of rest.  Again had several meetings at work including another work dinner, where again I ate again like a king.

Thursday 11/06/2014: Tempo run – 12.2 miles (1.6mWU (10:49 m/m), 9m Tempo (8:14m/m), 1.6m CD (11:15m/m))

Decided to test drive my knee today.  I was quite tired this morning.  Eating like a king on Tuesday and Wednesday made me feel very sluggish.  I was happy to see that my knee was holding up.  Ran the warm-up at a 10:49 min/mile pace, and then came home to pick up Dunbar for the Tempo run.  After not running for two days, Dunbar was chomping at the bit.  We took off like a bullet and I succeeded in positive splitting this run (average pace of 8:14 min/mile).  We completed the cool-down at 11:15 min/mile pace.  The positive thing from this run was that my knee felt fine.

Friday 11/07/2014: Recovery run – 7 miles at 9:01 min/mile pace

I did some yoga before this morning’s run.  Had a great run this morning with Dunbar.  Usually I run Fridays at a 10 min/mile pace, but I guess that skipping the Tuesday run plus doing yoga prior to the run helped a lot.

Saturday 11/08/2014: 16 miles in Allen (9:26 min/mile pace)

Tried out a new route today.  Ran with Dunbar to Celebration Park on the East Side of Allen.  Note to self, Exchange Rd in Allen is the worst road to run on!  We kept looking for areas to run and then crossed over the US 75 highway.  Dunbar did not enjoy running on the bridge at all due to all the noise of the cars on the road.  We got to Celebration Park and then ran back home all the way on McDermott Rd.  This was one long uphill, and my back definitely felt it all the way.  We were both happy to make it home!  Ate like a king again tonight.  We had some guests over, and one of them brought a home made chocolate pecan pie.  It was incredible.  It also made me feel sluggish for my Sunday run 🙂

Sunday 11/09/2014: 8 miles (9:09 min/mile)

Woke up early this morning, did some yoga again prior to my run.  Dunbar and I went for 1.5 miles and I then dropped him home.  I wanted him to rest after running 16 miles yesterday.  Dunbar is ready to run at anytime, however sometimes I think he does not know when to rest.  We ran the 1.5 miles at a 10:15 min/mile pace.  I then ran the remaining 6.5 miles by myself.  Finished the run strong.

Takeaways from this week’s training

– While I am obsessed with making every run on the schedule, sometimes listening to your body is important.  Taking a couple of days off this week helped me get back on track

– I need to not eat too much of rich food.  I felt like my runs were tougher this week.  Next week I am going to get back on the bandwagon and be disciplined about my eating

Number of miles for the week – 51.5 miles

Average miles for the last 30 days – 237 miles