This was a week of great running weather.  Granted it got windier and colder, but after having a mixed bag of heat, humidity, cold, and wind for the last 13 weeks, it was a blessing to have one week of consistent weather.  Another positive note was being able to get in my 6 runs this week with minimal issues from my left knee.  During this week, I also discovered new running routes in Allen, and now have identified my route for my remaining three 10 mile tempo runs.  This week’s training went as follows:

Monday 11/10/14 – 6 miles at 9:27 min/mile pace

Although the weather was great, my legs were tired this morning (as all Monday mornings).  Before Monday’s, I accumulate 4 days of running, of which, one is a Tempo run on Thursday and the other is a Sunday long run.  Needless to say, I have stopped pushing myself on Mondays.  It is a sort of “run for joy” day.

Tuesday 11/11/14 – 8.6 miles, 1.5 WU only, 2 X 3mile repeats with 800m recovery

Wow it was cold!  Brrrr!!!!!  Not sure from where did this wind descend upon us?  I dressed up as warmly as I could, and went for my standard 1.5 mile warm up.

After coming home, I got Dunbar and we took off to execute our strength workout of 2 X 3 miles with 800m recovery.  For my odd reason, Dunbar was in a playful mood and just dragging me everywhere today.  While it was funny, it was also a bit annoying.  Anyway, for my marathon goal, the target was to complete each 3 mile repeat at 8:15 min/mile pace.  My results were as follows

1st 3 mile repeat: 8:16 min/mile

2nd 3 mile repeat: 8:10 min/mile

As it was so cold and windy, I decided to skip the cool down phase.  I spent 20 minutes in the shower thawing out.

Wednesday 11/12/14 – Thank goodness for a day of rest!

Thursday 11/13/14 – Tempo run day – 11.7 miles

Today the combined warm up and cool down was 2.7 miles.  As it was cold, I shortened the cool down portion of the run.  Dunbar and I completed the 9 mile tempo run at a 8:11 min/mile pace.  Was quite satisfied with this run.

Friday 11/14/14 – recovery run day – 6 miles at 8:56 min/mile pace

The weather was great again.  Did some yoga prior to the run.  Ran at what felt like a relaxed pace.  Surprised to complete this run at a sub 9 min pace (I usually complete the Friday runs at 10 min/mile pace).  I think the yoga prior to the run really helped loosen my legs and back muscles.

Saturday 11/15/14 – 10 miles at 8:45 min/mile

Got to sleep in this morning.  Before the run, I did a bit of yoga.  Ran with Dunbar again from our house to Market Street and back home.  Ran into my old work colleague Paul Barker from my previous job, and we chatted for a few minutes.  Paul has been running for only 2 years and has already done a 1:33 half marathon.  I was impressed!  Ran home and completed the run at 8:45 min/mile average

Sunday 11/16/14 – 10 miles at 8:50 min/mile

It was wet and drizzling, however I dressed up quite warmly and ran again with Dunbar, who keeps following me around to make sure that I do not leave the house without him.  We checked out a new route in Allen today, and I will be using this route for my last three 10 mile tempo runs.  This was a bit of a challenging route with some long hills.  Finished at 8:50 min/mile pace.

Takeaways from this week’s training:

1) With colder weather, my running is becoming more consistent.

2) Skipping a running day last week to deal with a nagging knee discomfort, was a wise decision.  This week my discomfort reduced, and I was able to complete all 6 days of running

3) I did yoga on Friday and Saturday before the run, and felt great on those two days.  On Sunday, where I skipped yoga, it took longer for my legs to feel comfortable with running.  I will need to find a way to fit in 15 minutes of yoga prior to beginning my runs next week.

Total miles for the week: 52.3 miles

Total miles for the last 30 days: 232 miles