I have become busier in the last few weeks and have neglected to publish Week 15 of my training.  The light is at the end of the tunnel, and I will be running the Dallas Marathon in two weeks time.  I have improved both physically and mentally as a runner in the last 15 weeks.  My current plan is to start taking it easier prior to marathon day.

Below is a short summary of my Week 15 and Week 16 Training:


Nov 17th:  Cold morning.  Ran 8 miles at 9 min/mile avg

Nov 24th: 6 miles at 9:33 min/mile avg.  Tired after Sunday’s run.


Nov 18th:  1.6 mile warmup, 3 X 2 mile repeats with 800m recovery followed by 1.7 mile cooldown.  The repeats were done at 8:08 min/mi, 8:09 min/mi, 7:54 min/mi.  Total of 9.18 miles

Nov 25th:  1.6 mile warmup, 4 X 1.5 mile repeats with 800m recovery followed by 1.6 mile cooldown.  Total of 10.9 miles.  Repeats done at 7:47 min/mile, 7:29 min/mile, 7:37 min/mile and 7:36 min/mile


Nov 19th:  Rest!

Nov 26th: Rest!


Nov 20th: 1.6 mile warm, followed by 10 miles at 7:55 min/mile avg, 1.54 mile cooldown

Nov 27th: 1.57 warmup followed 10 miles at 7:47 min/mile avg. 1.72 mile cool down.  Definitely not going to run my marathon at a 7:47 min/mile.  My calf was nagging a bit and I was tired!


Nov 21st: 7.01 miles at 9:06 min/mile avg

Nov 28th:  6 miles at 9:21 min/mile avg


Nov 22nd:  4 miles with friends at 10:06 min/mile avg followed by 4 mile tempo at 7:57 min/mile pace

Nov 29th:  Ran with my friend Viresh.  12 miles at 8:31 min/mile average


Nov 23rd: 16.12 miles at 9:12 min/mile pace.  Last long run.  Warm and humid today!

Nov 30th: 10.5 miles at 9:06 min/mile avg.  Warm and humid today!

Total miles week 15: 63.5 miles

Total miles week 16: 59 miles

Thoughts for the week.  Need to get through a 55 mile week next week (week 17) and the following week is marathon week (Week 18).  Although the plan for week 18 is to still get in 6 runs, I may decide not to run after Wednesday, and let my body heal up and rest for marathon day.